DLCS Services

Digirati provide support and hosting for the DLCS as well as a comprehensive range of professional services to assist with project delivery.

Support Subscriptions

Digirati use a subscription model for both a dedicated customer instance of the DLCS platform and also a shared instance, which is more cost effective for smaller collections. In either case, you can make use of as few or as many of the cloud services as required and all the code remains open source.

The subscription covers software support for all components of the DLCS that are being utilised; this will include bug fixes, patches and upgrades to those components. The shared instance is a fully managed service by default, and this is also an option for the dedicated instance.

For a dedicated instance we will install and configure the platform on the customer's AWS infrastructure under their own account. For a shared instance any hosting and running charges are embedded within the subscription cost to reflect the storage, compute and other service costs of AWS.

Please contact us for pricing information.

Professional Services

As well as delivering innovative products like the DLCS, Digirati are also a full service digital agency. In fact, the primary driver for building the DLCS was so that, by providing key elements of infrastructure out of the box, we could utilise more of our client's project budgets to build exciting new digital platforms and experiences.

So as well as setup, configuration and customisation of the DLCS our services extend into digital strategy, user experience, bespoke software architecture and development and so on. If you have an exciting new project we would certainly like to hear about it.

For more information on our digital services please visit our website services page.