DLCS Features

Digital Library Cloud Services provides a suite of services and components designed to accelerate your digital projects.

International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) APIs

The DLCS platform provides IIIF Image API endpoints for your registered images and a management API for incorporating registration into your workflows.

The platform provides a hosting service for Presentation API resources (IIIF manifests and collections) that supports ongoing enrichment with new content and services from you and your users. It can generate IIIF manifests from supplied image metadata for quick start development, and produce derived IIIF manifest and collections through queries.

The platform provides a IIIF Search API for any OCRed text content or other textual annotation content, and can offer search services across complex faceted collections.

It provides IIIF Authentication for when your content needs to be protected or restricted in its use. This can be configured to integrate with third party authentication mechanisms.

Annotation Server

Our Annotation Server, called Elucidate, implements the new W3C Web Annotation data model and provides backward compatibility with the Open Annotation standard used by existing IIIF implementations. Content generated through tagging, transcription, commenting, describing and other annotation activities is stored in the annotation server and made available for reuse in your applications.

In addition to the W3C Protocol the annotation server features search and bulk operation extensions to support typical application development scenarios.

Text Pipeline

The DLCS has a pluggable text pipeline for incorporating OCR and other text-related image processing. It can take existing, non-OCRed resources (even external existing IIIF manifests), OCR them and provide IIIF Search and autocomplete services. It serves annotation lists of OCRed content as well as making extracted text available in a variety of formats for reuse by other parts of the platform and externally.

Semantic Services

The platform supports pluggable natural language processing capabilities, such as named entity recognition. After passing through the text pipeline, IIIF resources can be tagged, described and otherwise analysed, with the results saved as annotations in the Annotation Server. The pipeline can be configured to create annotations from controlled vocabularies, and supports refinement and editing of tags generated from automated processes through a management application.

Search Services

The platform combines text from the text processing pipeline with annotations from the annotation server to expose a unified content search for your IIIF resources, via the IIIF Search API (returning results as W3C or OA annotations). A Search endpoint can be provided for any IIIF Manifest or Collection whose structure is known to the DLCS platform.