Costs and Support


Digirati provide a managed set of all the DLCS platform services on Amazon AWS which organisations can use to host and deliver IIIF content, annotations and associated search and image/text processing services. You can also engage with us to configure your own dedicated instances of these services that you manage yourself. In both cases, you can make use of as few or as many of the platform services as required.

Managed Service

Our hosting and running charges reflect the storage, compute and other service costs of AWS without any significant mark up. There is an additional service charge for support and maintenance based on the size and complexity of your project and service level requirements. This is determined on a customer by customer basis as most of our clients have a bespoke solution built on our platform that also requires support.


If you would prefer to host all or some aspects of the DLCS within your own infrastructure then Digirati can provide services to deploy, integrate, configure, customise and support. These charges are again calculated on a customer by customer basis depending on scale of the work required, service levels etc.

For more details on pricing please email and we will be able to give you an estimate after a short analysis exercise and provide options around SLAs.