We have built a number of applications using the Digital Library Cloud Services which can be adapted for your projects and act as exemplars of what is possible using these features.

Crowdsourcing platform

Originally implemented for the National Library of Wales as a set of modules for the Omeka S collection management system, our crowdsourcing platform lets you build your own projects from any source IIIF material (whether hosted by the DLCS or not), define the information you want your users to capture from that material, and save the results as W3C annotations.

Sorting Room

Originally developed for the Indigenous Digital Archive project, Sorting Room is a browser-based application that works with any IIIF material and allows users to break it down into smaller pieces, saving the results to our IIIF Presentation API management services. A 1000-image archival item can be examined and pulled apart into individual documents, letters, reports etc, and those new units saved as more human-friendly IIIF manifests.

Topic Manager

Developed for the Indigenous Digital Archive project, our Topic Manager application, known as 'Tacsi', manages simple taxonomies that emerge from a crowdsourcing project, especially when some or all of the terms have come from OCR and entity recognition. Tacsi allows bulk editing of annotations that have been created by people or machines, allowing merging or splitting of terms, correction of mistakes arising from OCR errors or misclassification of entities.