The DLCS (Digital Library Cloud Service) is a cloud-based platform for delivering digital content (images, audio, and video) with strong support for open standards. The DLCS incorporates a suite of services, including:

  • Managed ingest pipeline for adding images, multimedia, and text.
  • Fast, scalable, interoperable, pan and zoom viewing of images with full IIIF Image API support.
  • Display of digital objects via the IIIF Presentation API and a wide range of compatible client applications.
  • Cloud storage of collections of images, audio, and video, scalable from the smallest collection to the very largest.
  • Support for annotation of digital content enabling many ways of adding content to digital objects including tagging, transcription, description, classification, and highlighting.
  • Search services on full-text and annotations.
  • Text services including OCR-on-ingest and line-by-line transcription.
  • Semantic services extracting information about people, places, dates, and other entities, in order to drive search and discovery across content.

The DLCS has been developed by Digirati, with some of the core services originally developed on behalf of the Wellcome Library.