Digital Library Cloud Services

An open source cloud based platform for hosting and delivering interoperable digitised content following common open standards.

What is the DLCS Platform?

Digital Library Cloud Services provides a suite of services and components that will accelerate your digital projects, incorporating powerful features at low cost. The platform is designed to scale from the very small to the largest collections.

What are the key features?

  • Full International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) Support
  • Dedicated Annotation Server with W3C Web Annotation and Open Annotation Support
  • OCR and other text-related image processing
  • Natural language processing capabilities, such as named entity recognition
  • A unified content search across processed text and annotations

An introduction to IIIF by Tom Crane, Technical Director at Digirati

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Who is using it?

National Library of Wales
The Royal Society
Indigenous Digital Archives
London Metropolitan Archives
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons
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What our customers say

Teaming with Digirati gives us results that makes our constituents say:
'This is an incredible step forward for all of us.'

Dr Anna Naruta-Moya
Indigenous Digital Archive


The DLCS provides a powerful platform for building feature rich applications, saving time and money. We have already built a number of applications which can be adapted for your projects:

  • A Crowdsourcing Platform that lets you build your own projects from any source IIIF material, define the information you want your users to capture from that material, and save the results as W3C annotations.
  • A browser-based Sorting Room application that works with any IIIF material and allows users to break it down into smaller pieces, saving the results to our IIIF Presentation API management services.
  • An application to manage simple taxonomies that emerge from a crowdsourcing project, especially when some or all of the terms have come from OCR and entity recognition.

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